Great Clerkes Farm Foods

We get all of our chicks from the hatchery when they are one day old and raise them on a bed of sawdust when very young and then home grown straw as they get older, which is refreshed every day. They live under gas or electric brooders at a temperature of about 29⁰C for the first week. The temperature in the chick houses is then reduced over a fortnight until it is similar to the ambient temperature. Find out more right here; free range goose

As soon as they are old enough, and depending on the weather, they are able to spend their days outside if they wish to. In the summer this can sometimes be when they are as young as 3 days old if it is hot enough for them. As we produce them over a longer growing period (around 12-20 weeks for chickens and more for the other birds) than most mass production poultry farms, the birds have a longer time to enjoy the outdoors and develop a truly succulent flavour.

We take great care to ensure the high welfare standards of the birds, as we’re only happy when they’re happy!

Food and water are available to every bird all of the time and we go considerably beyond the minimum limit in terms of birds per feeder and drinker. Both the straw and their food is either produced on the farm or sourced from our neighboring farms or local feed mills.


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