Why Eyelash Extensions Are Becoming Fashionable

I grew up with three other sisters and was awestruck when they put on make-up and got dressed up to go out for the evening. Once they were gone I would take their eye shadow and lipstick to play dress-up and pretending I was dressing to enjoy the night life. Looking back, I know they wouldn't have been elated knowing I was borrowing their make-up and trying to look like them. Find out more here; eyelash extensions 

These days I purchase my own mascara, eye shadow and lipstick as well as anything else I want in the cosmetic range. My eyes were bright enough but my eyelashes lacked length and volume, mascara wouldn't even boost them so I started browsing on the internet to read about eyelash extensions to make my eyes look sexy and full. Once I learned about eyelash extensions I knew it was the solution for me.

I made contact with a firm on the world wide web and arranged an appointment for a consultation. I didn't realise that the eyelash extensions were placed singly on the current eyelashes and couldn't quite figure out how they would stick but after talking the style over, it all made sense. The extensions can range from a natural regenerated look to more exotic or even colored lashes with jewelry built-in into the new lashes.


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