Who are Kulör Cases?

Kulör Cases was created with the aim to provide personalized luxury leather phone cases based on the Scandinavian design concept characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

The colorful phone cases are designed by our design team in Sweden and we make sure that the design complements the aesthetics and usability of your phone. Our craftsmen handmade every phone case and we source some of the best top-grain leather from all over the world to give your phone a luxurious feel and drop protection. Find out more here; iPhone X leather Case

We pay close attention to minute details. For example, most leather cases are made by gluing leather sheets on top of plastic bases. The sides of the plastic are visible, which doesn’t give a neat look. We keep that in mind and make sure the corners and sides are all covered in leather. Our craftsmen spend three times the amount of time that it takes on one regular case. It is all because of our commitment to providing the best of the best.


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