The Various Colours of Umrah

Lately, I had visited Makkah and Medina for my Umrah with Umrah Packages 2017 and it was an out-of-the-world experience with the divine Almighty. I had never ever imagined that I will revisit Saudi Arabia so very frequently.

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My Travel Plans

As usual, the travel plans were made right at the last minute as there were other plans lined up, but thank God, He always has something better for His followers. Well, just telling my faithful readers that this is my third Umrah trip with cheap Umrah packages and the first was when I was just a teen. Those memories were overwhelming with my family.

My experience

The previous visits to Makkah and Medina were during the winters and the climate was extremely cool and perfect. It was during June that we visited the holy city amidst Arabian summer. It was a total surprise for us. Upon visiting the holy city with Umrah Packages 2017, the weather was extremely parched, dry and prickly. There were numerous pilgrims from Iran, Turkey and India. To see the crowd alone, was captivating.

The Journey

Our flight to Saudi Arabia landed directly at the other holiest city Medina. This is the place where the famous mosque - The Prophet's Mosque is situated. The mosque is visited everyday by thousands of devotees who come here to pray and they pray at the ar-Raudah because it is known that all the prayers are made inside will be accepted.

The 'After Prayer' Moments

Ar-Raudah may not be a huge place and there are specific times that women can go. There are different time sessions for men and also for women. Although it is the benchmark for pilgrims to spend their time at the mosque but it is also the part of this journey with Umrah Packages.


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