The Most Popular Fashion Magazine—Vogue

Vogue, this magazine was founded in 1892, which has a long history and enjoys high reputation and large popularity around the world. The content of this magazine covers all aspects including fashion, makeup, beauty, health, entertainment and the arts. It is a comprehensive magazine on fashion and life. In the United States, “Vogue” is referred to as “fashion bible”, even in foreign countries; the prestigious “Cosmopolitan” cannot meet the level of competition with “Vogue” in the same stage, let alone MarieClaire. The only qualified competitor is Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. The magazine has published in 15 countries so far. You can even find teen Vogue right here!

Its publisher Conde Nast subsequently launched a British edition and the French edition after the establishment of American version. Mr. Nast is the founder of the layout of modern magazine. And he is the first person who employed artists to serve as magazine photographer. Vogue is also the first magazine to use colorful photography to express fashion style. It’s easy to get information of popular fashion style, suitable clothing match and delicate jewelry from the magazine.


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