Learn Chinese online – an ever evolving process

Chinese online programs continues to go from strength to strength as people across the world continue to test their claim that it is possible to learn Chinese in five minutes per day! The question of how to learn Chinese online is one that seemed unanswerable; a number of sites came and went with little success, especially in relation to people who wanted to learn Spoken Chinese. Find out more here; learn Chinese

However, with the launch of AI Chinese’s learn Chinese online software, and their free trial options which have encouraged people to attempt to learn Chinese in five minutes, business has continued to boom, as a record number of users flock to the site month on month to figure out just how to learn Chinese online. Finding the perfect learn Chinese online formula did not come easy, as CEO John Liu told us: “our users always come to us with the same story, they have wanted to learn Chinese online for years, but weren’t sure how to learn Chinese, and major problems were had when trying to learn spoken Chinese online. It’s always the claim that we can enable people to learn Chinese in five minutes that brings them in, that and the free trial!, but they stay when they realize it to be true!”


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