Getting the right counselling for your marriage

Failing marriages are always hard on the couple. Unlike what most people would think many couples struggle very hard at saving their marriages. However after going through multiple counselling sessions and making no progress they tend to despair. Most of the marriage counsellors are working very hard to make sure couples are reconciled. Find out more here; Marriage counsellor

Let me point it out with an example. A couple after going through many counsellors ended up with a new one. The husband asked what could this counsellor could do that the others were ineffective at. The wife however admitted that the other counsellor had been successful but each time they would just go back to their hostile state during the intervals between sessions. Admittedly here the fairer sex made the correct observation. More often counsellor fail to take into consideration this aspect of the couple.

A lady once complained about her previous sessions once. She said that she and her husband would argue so much that it would take them more than half an hour just to get to the topic of discussion. The allotted time would be over in their constant argument after which they would silently go home and wait it out till the next session to vent. As they would have people understand the counselling got things worse.


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