Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Singer?

Being a singer sounds like an exciting role, that maybe most of us think is only something for a chosen, lucky few… certainly not something that we could  envision ourselves actually doing in real life… or could we? Why not learn more from Gregory Evans, he's a talented singer and song writer for the pop & rock industry!

We’ve all known people in life who seemed to be naturally talented; gifted with the ability to sing a song effortlessly, without having to work at it, someone who could always sing and never really had to work at it at all.  Is that the way it is for ALL really good or great singers?  No, it’s not.  In fact, many incredible singers started out as beginners without a clue what to do.  They just decided to learn to sing, and found a way to learn the techniques of great singing.  And they practiced, and learned, and practiced a lot more.

There are a lot of sources for singing lessons available around the world today.  Some can teach you techniques that will free your voice and enable you to learn the songs that you’ve always wished you could master.  Other singing lessons are a complete waste of time and money. 

So how do you sort through which singing lessons are good and which ones are not?  You use your ears.  You listen to the teacher sing.  When the teacher of the course sings, is that the way YOU want to sound?  Are they able to sing the songs YOU really want to be able to sing?  Do they sound as good as, or better than the original artist? 


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