Complaints handling: setting the right culture to resolve complaints

Are you sure you are receiving all the complaints about your service?  You may have in place a complaints handling system to record complaints and track how they are dealt with.  This will also give you data on the types of complaints you receive about your service and products.  But what if all your complaints are being received in the first place? Find out more by clicking here; remove complaints from

There is a sense that nowadays customers are willing to complain when they don’t receive the service they wanted.  But is that really the case?  Are the complaints you receive just the tip of the iceberg?

The reason I am asking these questions is because I have seen many examples of complaints being raised but not being recognised as complaints.  This suggests to me that the customer facing staff are not trained to recognise and deal with complaints.  If a complaint goes un-noticed then customer loyalty is at risk.  The customer may then simply bad mouth your service to anyone else who is listening.  The problem is made worse because you don’t have the opportunity to resolve the complaint because you didn’t notice it.  Having been brushed aside the customer may well not take this further with you.


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