Three Networking Basics to Get You Into a Networking Comfort Zone

Here are the three things I'd like to always keep in mind when it comes to networking:

1. You're soaking in it. I love that old Palmolive commercial. She didn't know that she had her hands in the soap the whole time, and a lot of people don't realize that the moment they start talking to someone, they're networking. More purely when talking to strangers versus friends and family, I'll grant you. But simply by talking to people, you're giving them clues as to how they can help you. You're already doing it naturally, so can officially let go of the whole "I don't like it" thing. Find out more here; network marketing

2. The Golden Rule. From the school playground to the networking mixer, the deal is the same - treat others the way you want to be treated. Do you want someone pestering you for help? Of course not, and many people avoid networking because they don't want to be "used" that way. Sure, there are people out there like that, and you'll learn to avoid them. In the meantime, work on your networking karma, and seek first to help people, trusting that, as you prove your authentic interest in helping, other people will respond to that and seek to return the favor.

3. Listen. It's a disappearing art, but you'd be surprised how much it matters to people when they know they've been heard - and remembered. It'll make people that much more interested in you.

These same rules apply whether you're in the real world, or if you're in the online world of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, Facebook claims they're doing what they can to make Facebook mirror "the social graph" of the real world.


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