The Way to Personalize Your Wedding

1 Consider all your invitation options. Don't limit yourself to the conservative engraved variety. How about one that's folded -- origami style -- into a crane? Why not use a delicate blue or shell pink paper stock instead of white? Simple is always better for a bride. Engraved is nice, but a small wedding might use calligraphy -- or even your own personally handwritten invitation. Did you fall in love while on vacation? How about printing the invitation on a postcard from the site of your meeting? Find out more here; event equipment rental

2 Choose interesting mood music. "Here Comes the Bride" is traditional but boring. No one will call a halt to the proceedings if you choose the Toreador song from "Carmen" or "Love Will Keep Us Together" by the Captain & Tennille. Pick a song that has real meaning for you both.

3 Instead of rounding up the usual catering suspects, call on your favorite restaurant and see if they can provide the wedding goodies. And it doesn't have to be a dinner. An early wedding brunch after a sunrise ceremony or an intimate supper following a late afternoon wedding are more glamourous than the usual reception. Pick foods you love, not run of the mill chicken-or-fish. Can you serve chili and beer? Why not? Mushroom risotto and a 100% vegan menu? Absolutely.

4 Make it your celebration. And don't forget dessert. The wedding cake can be the usual bridal delight, or you can let your fantasy take sweet flight...cakes come in virtually any shape, size or configuration. They can be covered with real flowers, or dripping in edible pearls. The happy couple can be displayed in icing, or the cake can pay homage to the hobby that brought you together. It's your choice to make.

5 Have a special friend or family member officiate your wedding. You are not limited to your priest, with the proper preparation anyone of your choosing can legally conduct your wedding ceremony. See information on Becoming Ordained to prepare your choice of an officiant.


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