Online Guitar Lessons Provided By Professional Guitarists

So, you want to be a Rock Star, huh?...what about a classic guitarist, or country guitarist, or maybe even a blues or jazz guitarist? Or, maybe you simply want to improve your skills of your favorite pastime...playing the guitar. Well, as you know or are probably discovering, one-on-one, in-person guitar lessons can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $25/hour to over $40/hour, and there is no guarantee that you will learn how to play the guitar or improve your current skills. Over time, learning the guitar using this traditional method of instruction can cost you thousands of dollars per year (Even at the low end of the price range, $25/hour for 2-hours/week for 50-weeks in a year 2 weeks left out for vacation your total cost for one year of lessons would be $2,500; even if you did only 1-hour/week, the cost would still be expensive at $1,250 for the year...and, again, that's using the low-end of the price range). You can find out more right here; Blues guitar

But, you ask, what's the alternative? How can I learn to play the guitar if I don't get professional instruction? My answer is simple: digital" or online" guitar lessons provided by a professional guitarist with teaching experience.

So, what are digital" or online" guitar lessons? Simply put, they are the equivalent of one-on-one guitar lessons that are presented by an experienced guitar instructor and come in the pre-packaged form of a CD, DVD, video file, audio file, and/or web-access. With online guitar lessons, or lessons provided through some other form of digital media, you can learn from an experienced guitarist how to select, buy, string, tune and, of course, play the guitar in the privacy of your own home at your own pace.


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