The Domino Effect of complaints handling

Have you read the complaints theory about how complaints can be turned into business success?  Rather than treat complaints as problems, forward thinking organisations are working out new products and services based on the feedback that complaints give them.  This can drive up sales.You can find out more by clicking here; how to remove complaints from complaints board

If you think this is too good to be true thing again. Does your organisation really understand what the complaints are about? Is the data mined to find out what people are complaining about so something can be done about it?  Here is a great example of one business that has done just that.

Domino’s Pizzas have turned complaints into more sales.  They had some complaints about their pizzas and put them right.  Then they communicated through their advertising what they had done.  They even had a sales campaign based on what they had done to improve.  And it was successful.


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