Outdoor Safety & Survival When The Chips Are Down

Outdoor Safety and Survival is more an exercise in preparation rather than a matter of luck. It's about understanding your environment, recognizing your limits and arming yourself with the necessary knowledge and equipment. Though it's easy to go to a store or thumb through a catalog and equip yourself with an arsenal of survival gadgets, the key is in knowing how to use them. The five essential outdoor survival skills that anyone venturing into the wild needs to know include first-aid, fire-building, signaling and knowing how to obtain shelter and food. Find out more here; survival gear

For any outdoors person planning on assembling their own kit, it is critical to take into account equipment that would required to conquer the seven basic enemies to personal safety in the outdoors. These include thirst, hunger, fatigue, pain, fear, loneliness and temperature. While basic outdoor training could be an added asset, it is not imperative. Combining common sense with the ability to stay calm in the face of any adversity is more crucial than any text-book knowledge, provided of course a few universal preparation guidelines are followed.


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