Commercial And Artistic Photography

Commercial photographer from Melbourne Estelle Judah believes in good client and subject rapport for a successful photo shoot. She has several years of expertise in Editorial Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Portraiture Photography and Celebrity Photography. Estelle's Editorial Photography and Lifestyle Photography reflect a synthesis of words and picture, of form and light, and her Portraiture Photography and Celebrity Photography capture the intimacy and immediacy of the moment. Discover more here; Landscape Photographer

She has been delivering assignments for magazine, newspaper features, design and creative studios as well as Lifestyle Photography and Food Photography for the hotel and hospitality industry. Her powerful work has earned her clients from various industries. Her Food Photography and Corporate Photography is an example of her personal dedication to highest quality image making.

Estelle undertakes assignments for Product and Lifestyle Photography, Advertising and Commercial Photography, Corporate Photography for annual reports / brochures / catalogues, Magazine and Editorial Photography, Interior Photography, Advertising Photography, Portraiture and Celebrity Photography and Food Photography.

Estelle Judah has won recognition for her exemplary work through awards like AIPP Silver Editorial Photography Award and the AGFA Photojournalism Award.


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